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My name is Cody, and I am 19 y.o., and I had to get a physical exam by a doctor to approve me to be on the team, so that I could compete with my swim team. The doctor had me lay down and he started to check me out. Lifting my arms, my legs he was giving me an medical exam from head to toe. Snapping his gloves on his hands he prepared to take my temperature in my sweet ASS. I had never had that done; As soon as he lubed up my hole he worked the thermometer into asshole, and it was no surprise to me that I was fine and had no issues. He had me flip over and he whipped my ass.

Young boys medical exam

Dr. Rimmerman then said that he had to check my prostate to make sure that I was ok, by putting his finger in my ass and moving it around. I coughed a couple of times and then the doctor and my coach were hot from the heat in the building and took off some of their clothes. The doctor started to lick my asshole, but the coach said that he was a professional so I let him continue. It felt great so far, but I really didn’t want to say anything…

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