Milk enema for young guy – taste it now

The boy had been trying to come up with a way to please and entertain his Master in a whole new way for it felt like a week.
Finally he came up with something really cool. His Master didn`t have to do a thing.
The boy got a funnel and a bottle of milk, then he pulled his knees up to his face, and started feeling his pooper with the cold white liquid.
The sensation was unearthly. He was trying really hard not to spill a drop, and he didn`t. Soon he couldn`t take another drop and submission blended deliciously with the discomfort of the enema. In a few seconds he was squirting the milk all over the tray.
This young guy want more milk in his ass for full enema!
Insert funnel in ass and put pint of milk
this young boy take milk’s enema!